December 14, 2016
Dear Friends,
     I say often that the Bob Brown House is one of my favorite things to talk about so writing this Christmas newsletter is always a pleasure.  In the early 70’s my dad dreamed of a home where people with disabilities could live together as family.  By the summer of 1975 that home was open for business on Rogers Road.  Now more than 40 years later the Bob Brown House is still providing safe, affordable housing and opening a door to independence to our 14 residents.
     This has been a remarkable year in our history.  In February we received a grant from the city of Lexington’s Affordable Housing Fund for $250,000 to renovate, repair and restore our facility.  The scope of that work has included a new roof, new privacy fence, new landscaping, new security cameras and alarm system and a new HVAC system in all the apartments.  The apartments also received new carpet, tile, lighting, paint and a new toilet, shower, sink and vanity.  We are required to contribute 10% of the total amount of the grant from our own funds.  We still need help in reaching that goal.  I am so pleased that this major upgrade has prepared us for another 40 years of service.
      I am also pleased to announce that plans are made and funds are being raised to expand our services at our present location by adding 24 more apartments.  We receive an average of five calls a week from people looking for a home for themselves, a loved one or a client.  I have carried this burden for these people and their need for affordable housing for the last few years.  In that time I have searched and prayed for help and direction.  This year I have met and worked with a great team of people that are making my dreams of expansion come true for the Bob Brown House.  Not only are we expanding here in Lexington but we have also made an offer on a home on 8 acres in Clark County.  There is a huge need all over our state for independent living opportunities for special needs folks.  It is exciting and fulfilling to know we are taking steps to meet this need.  
     I will close by saying the residents at the Bob Brown House are truly blessed and happy.  They enjoy their independence and love each other.  There have been many occasions this year that have shown me this truth.   I am thankful for the dedicated, capable staff that take care of our place and our people.  I appreciate all the volunteers and supporters that have helped us in many, many ways this year.  I am anxious and hopeful for what is to come in 2017 for the Bob Brown House.  Please stay connected with us on our Facebook page and our website  Our best wishes to all of you!
Amy Brown