Christmas 2012 Newsletter

Merry Christmas!


Christmas 2012


Dear Friends,


     At the risk of sounding familiar I can’t believe it is Christmas time already.  It seems we were just setting off fireworks in the courtyard at the Bob Brown House on July 4.  This has been a tumultuous year for us but we are thankful to be closing out 2012 on the upswing.  I spent the first half of this year pleading with God for direction and assistance with the operations at the Bob Brown House.  Like many non-profits today the costs of operating and caring for people greatly outweigh the income generated and donations received.  Most months we were barely able to pay our bills and were always in need of a miracle.  Then the answer came…not what I was hoping for…but it has definitely proven in time to be a blessing to the Bob Brown House.  We lost two staff members including the live-in manager.  After much searching we found a wonderful family to move into the staff apartment and care for our residents overnight.  Max, our marvelous weekend worker, agreed to take over in the kitchen every day.  She is the most dependable employee I have ever known and a joy to work with.  Her love for people is evident in all that she does for our residents.  Medina, our other part time staff, also stepped up in our time of need.  After working her regular afternoon shift, she stayed overnight many times before we filled that position.  She has taken on more responsibility and more hours.  We are so lucky to have this great staff.  In order to keep our payroll dollars low I have volunteered to do most of the managing.  I could not possibly do all of this work without our capable, dependable staff and our helpful Board of Directors.  My deepest thanks to the staff and Board of Directors.


     We have had wonderful support this year for our many, varied fundraisers.  A fun time was had and much needed money raised at BD’s Mongolian Grill and The Lunchbox.  I think it’s great to raise money just by eating!  Our annual concert on the grounds was well attended and enjoyed by all.  We sold 31 products in the spring and are selling coupon books right now.  We appreciate all the churches and organizations that brought food and supplies throughout the year and especially during our Share the Harvest food drive this fall.  The Bob Brown House could not continue to exist without the support and donations from our community.  There is a couple in our community that have faithfully mailed a check to the Bob Brown House every month for many years.  My deepest thanks to this couple and to every person that has helped us in any way this year.


      The fourteen residents that call the Bob Brown House their home have been blessed this year with lots of love and care.  They are cared for every day by our great staff.  They have also had some extra special fun and fellowship with other groups that have visited.  Folks from the David’s Fork Baptist Church come every month with dinner and activities.  They also took them to the Pumpkin Patch and will be going to Southern Lights next week.  The Kentucky 9/12 Project cooked out for us and did some work on Labor Day.  AARP brought pizza and goodies on Halloween.  Our Thanksgiving Dinner was wonderful time of sharing and giving thanks with our families.  Visits from these groups make our residents so happy.  My deepest thanks to these groups and their willingness to share their time with the Bob Brown House.


     As you can see, when looking back on this year, the Bob Brown House has been blessed.  We have fulfilled my Dad’s dream of safe, affordable housing to those with special needs another year.  It hasn’t been easy but in the end well worth the work and worry.  I look forward to the next year and the opportunity to continue his vision through this wonderful home.  We will need your help, your prayers, your volunteer spirit and your financial support to have another successful year.  My deepest thanks to my Dad for teaching me, or better yet, showing me that one person can make a difference.  I hope you will choose to make a difference by supporting the Bob Brown House.  Please stay in touch with our happenings and our needs by joining us on FaceBook or by visiting our web page


My best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!


Amy Brown